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MIKE BROOKES is an award winning artist, director and designer. Working internationally.

Although initially trained as a painter, Brookes' practice has always bridged media. Known primarily for the production of durational objects, images, interventions, and context specific live art pieces - his work has involved elements as diverse as photography, sampling, large scale and multiple projection, short-range and satellite radio broadcast technology, mobile telephones, helicopters, cars, trains, surveillance cameras, ice sculpture and drawing - and has proposed and developed innovative practices and strategies within the form, function, and placement of live art.

He co-founded the performance collective Pearson/Brookes with theatre-maker and academic Mike Pearson in 1997, their work together being generally perceived to have pioneered located, mediated and multi-site performance practices - producing a range of notable and influential works including: 'Dead men's shoes' [1997], 'The first five miles' [1998], 'The man who ate his boot' [1998], 'Body of evidence' [1998], 'Works of progress' [1999], 'But it will turn out wrong' [2000], 'Like a pelican in the wilderness' [2000], 'Carrying Lyn' [2001], 'Polis' [2001], 'Metropolitan motions' [2002],' Rain dogs' [2002], 'Who are you looking at' [2004], 'There's someone in the house' [2005], 'Saints' [2005],'Welsh landscapes' [2008], and 'Something happening / Something happening nearby' [2008]. In 2010 they collaborated on their award winning theatre work 'The Persians', located within the landscape of a Ministry of Defence training range in the Brecon Beacons, commissioned for the inaugural season of National Theatre Wales. In 2012 they co-creating their acclaimed large-scale theatre work 'Coriolan/us', commissioned jointly by the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre Wales, for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Most recently realising 'ILIAD' their eight hour verbatim staging of the entirety of Christopher Logue's epic poem 'War Music', derived from Homer's account of the last weeks of the Trojan War.

Brookes' current work is focused within the development of his long-term collaborative artistic practice with artist and performer Rosa Casado, producing context specific actions and gallery works under the umbrella title 'Some things happen all at once, some things happen more slowly' their work together having been widely commissioned and presented across Europe, Asia, Australasia, South America, and USA. Their recent and ongoing projects include: 'Paradise 2' [2005-10], 'Some things happen all at once' [2008-10], 'Something happening / snapshot' [2008-], 'Something happening nearby' [2008-], 'One thing leads to another' [2009-], 'The perfect human (and the thing we do)' [2009-12], 'Just a little bit of history repeating' [2010-], and 'What if everything we know is wrong?' [2011-]. Most recently initiating the performed connections and live broardcast interventions that constitute their current 'Grey Line' work.

Ongoing collaborations also include Quarantine [UK], with whom he has collaborated as an associate artist since 2003; and Untitled Projects [UK], most recently contributing to 'The Salon Project', 'Paul Bright's Confessions of a Justified Sinner' and their recent mediated restaging of Pamela Carter's 'Slope' for intimate live audience and webcast. In 2007 he was appointed Creative Research Fellow within Aberystwyth University [UK], and received a doctorate for his contributions to intermedial and located performance and live art in 2015. Recent awards include: recipient of the Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award 2007; CCG Fellowship, Centro de Arte Torrente Ballester, Ferrol [Spain] 2008; MAPA Residency, Girona [Spain] 2008; Bilbao Eszena Residency, Bilbao [Spain], 2009 and 2010; PACT Zollverein residency award, Essen [Germany] 2012; Salina Art Center residency award, Kansas [USA] 2013; winner of the TMA Best Design Award [UK] 2010, winner of the Wales' Critics Best Production Award [UK] 2012, and winner of the CATS Best Design Award [UK] 2014.