a title recycled for works containing nothing new

As I head off to Bilbao to meet ex-workers from the Euskalduna shipyards, who have kindly agreed to work with Rosa and I on the next work from our just a little bit of history repeating project – commissioned for this coming autumn – I have been revisiting some of the project’s previous thoughts and proposals, revealed through our attempts to return found sounds or descriptions of past places and events to the sites that they describe.

As usual, these works are manifest mainly in the meeting. Or at least, in having happened nearby. But for those who missed it at the time, here is a trace from one of the first two manifestation last summer – Alexandra Gardens Bandstand – sound placed in public space, broadcast via FM radio amongst the amusements of Weymouth’s seafront promenade, accessible to anyone with a radio who chose to engage with it:

More about the Bilbao commission when it develops…