Category: collaborations

  • there is a storm coming…

    I’m setting out on the path of a new collaboration and relationship with National Theatre Wales (NTW), that we hope might allow us to more openly explore some of the needs and possibilities of future work. Over the coming few years, as NTW imagines and then steps into its second decade of production, I’ll be […]

  • a crowded room

    I have just left Cardiff, after finalising the structure and animation of an immersive performance environment for the new production by my old friends Earthfall – which they will be touring across this, their twenty-fifth anniversary year. I have wanted to see Earthfall perform close up in and amongst a crowd of promenade spectators for […]

  • speaking of art

    Gathering with our colleagues from NIDO here in Madrid, we have now initiated the Hablando de arte (Speaking of Art) audio and radio project, after a year of periodic planning. Drawing on William Furlong’s transcripts of interviews from the Audio Arts archive – we are inviting a selection of guest professionals, friends, and relations, to […]

  • the dyas sisters / the reading room

    Emptying my camera this morning, after returning from an intense and possibly overdue Quarantine gathering in Manchester, I first pulled out this short series of monochrome images. Together for ten days, in a stripped bare main-stage auditorium, with a twelve metre projection screen, a collection of old chairs, a photocopier, and as many floodlights as […]

  • confessions of a justified sinner

    After eighteen months of preparation Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner by Untitled Projects, co-produced by National Theatre of Scotland – my third collaboration with Stewart Laing – has now opened at Tramway in Glasgow, to a range of encouragingly personal and engaged reactions, and a series of 4 star reviews. The work – […]

  • the salon revisited

    A few days in Glasgow, with Stewart Laing and Untitled Projects, where we had all gathered to reopen the doors of The Salon Project. Originally realised in Edinburgh almost eighteen months ago, the immersive impression of a 19th-century Parisian salon – hosting an audience entirely costumed in full period dress, within an evening of discussion […]

  • a pool of water

    My last day in Glasgow, of this visit, where I have been lighting the teaching pool room of a recently derelict WW1 period public bath house in the city’s south side – structuring the light within its tiled walls, using only the skylight openings and internal fixtures provided by its existing architecture. The pool hosts Lifeguard, […]

  • b

    Last year I was approached by the Swiss company Trickster-p, and asked to design a proposal for the second work within their ongoing trilogy of theatre installation pieces, structured as audio led journeys through theatrical environments – not a form that I have an affinity for, as they well knew – but that in itself made the […]

  • lifeguard

    A few short days in Glasgow, catching up with old friends and new – discussing Lifeguard, a new work with Adrian Howells and the National Theatre of Scotland, planned for this coming autumn. A work that hopes to locate itself within a recently derelict public baths in the city, requiring at least a partial restoration […]

  • entitled

    Tonight sees the final performance of this year’s tour of Entitled  – my eleventh collaboration with old friends and long-term colleagues Quarantine. “…devised with three technicians (Greg Akehurst, Chris Whitwood and Lisa Mattocks), three dancers (John Killroy, Joanne Fong and Fiona Wright), and a writer (Sonia Hughes), Entitled takes the form of a theatrical ‘get-in’ and a […]

  • the salon project wardrobe

    …a couple more shots from The Salon Project, Edinburgh, but this time from the other side of the salon walls – amongst audience members at the beginning of their evening, being dressed before entering – again, courtesy of photographer Tommy Ga-Ken Wan:

  • the salon project

    I have just left Edinburgh, after opening The Salon Project – my second collaboration with Stewart Laing, and his company Untitled Projects. We have built and structured somewhere, a specifically temporary place, that might context and sustain the immersive social gathering of seventy five fully costumed spectators and participants – each individually fitted from a vast […]