Category: The Storm Cycle

  • the problem with choosing

    The problem with choosing is that it just goes on, moment by moment, for an entire lifetime, and happens without reason. I guess I just still want to feel that I can always re-choose. That no choice I make will be so bad that I can’t be saved from it, from myself… Over the past […]

  • together and alone

    I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how to discuss things at the moment; when opposition is dismissed as ‘fake’, and arguments and information are replaced with slogans designed to ‘win the narrative’ by stirring emotions rather than ideas – slogans that can mean whatever I want them to mean. Questions about which of us […]

  • wild scenes in Cardiff

    We are in Cardiff completing the final stages of Storm.2, the second public work of The Storm Cycle, that we have titled Things come apart. We are trying to activate a running description of four days and nights of violence and rioting that erupted here a century ago, in the June of 1919. A description, […]

  • a thing done

    A five minute extract from reference footage captured of the burning tree, as it happened during the opening performance of Storm.1: Nothing remains the same – Pontrhydfendigaid, Cerdigion, February 15th…

  • things told, and things done

    The first public step and proposition of The Storm Cycle, designated Storm.1, and titled Nothing remains the same, has taken its place amongst the possibilities of the real, amongst those things that can happen – and was performed, for the 350 people who travelled to gather and meet it, in Pafiliwn Bont, Pontrhydfendigaid. The work, […]

  • there is a storm coming…

    I’m setting out on the path of a new collaboration and relationship with National Theatre Wales (NTW), that we hope might allow us to more openly explore some of the needs and possibilities of future work. Over the coming few years, as NTW imagines and then steps into its second decade of production, I’ll be […]