the problem with choosing

The problem with choosing is that it just goes on, moment by moment,
for an entire lifetime,
and happens without reason.
I guess I just still want to feel that I can always re-choose.
That no choice I make will be so bad that I can’t be saved from it,
from myself…

Over the past few months I have been writing a series of poetic soliloquies – drawn out from the flow and unfolding ideas, if not the language, of de Beauvoir’s remarkable post-war collection of The Ethics of Ambiguity essays. 

And I am now in the process of activating those words and ideas, with the also remarkable ensemble of eight local performers and performance poets who have agreed to give voice to them, and to try to find a voice for themselves within them – a group of performers, none of whom I have worked with before, whose capabilities and generosity of care are continually surprising me.

In a week or so we will move into The Neon here in central Newport, a persisting old 1930s Odeon cinema building – where this Storm.3, titled Together and alone, the third step along the journey of The Storm Cycle with National Theatre Wales, will be performed.

There we will be opening the doors onto a somewhere gently unsettled – reconfigured to provide us with an area of unlevel and windswept ground to come together on. Where we might find the space to meet this group of people’s individual and collective attempts to speak these understandings from the past, and to personally speak through them, to their own present…

there is a storm coming

[ Image: Mark Douet ]

Further details of Storm.3: Together and alone, and the The Storm Cycle, can be found in the archive here