a thing done

Mar. 1, 2018 by

A five minute extract from reference footage captured of the burning tree, as it happened during the opening performance of Storm.1: Nothing remains the same – Pontrhydfendigaid, Cerdigion, February 15th…

Carrying Rubén [exhibit]

May. 26, 2016 by

The traces of the carry and assemblege are now set-up and running within this open and developing public gallery space here at Azkuna Zentroa. In other parts of the gallery

Carrying Rubén

May. 25, 2016 by

As I write these notes – in the gallery space of the Azkuna Zentroa here in Bilbao – Salut Bueno, Nazario Díaz, Amai Fernández, Axier, Joel and Rubén Mateos Lima


Oct. 19, 2013 by

As our final public work here in Providence, Rhode Island, today we walked the now ascent shoreline of the natural cove that shaped the original geography of this city –

introduced birdsong

Oct. 17, 2013 by

Today we conclude our Historic parking lots of Providence project, highlighting thirty of downtown Providence’s surface level parking lots that – contrary to assumptions that they are spaces of transition,

greetings from Salina

Oct. 4, 2013 by

Wrapping up one thread of our engagement with aspects of this city’s past and present – as both a playful exploration of the shifting character of downtown Salina, and an

postcard from the past

Sep. 12, 2013 by

  Greetings from Salina [looking north on Santa Fe Avenue], one of a series of twenty digital images adapted from archived postcards depicting 20th century views of Santa Fe Avenue

but it will turn out wrong

Aug. 7, 2013 by

For as long as I can remember, the flow of my work has been punctuated by periods of disengagement. Moments when, for one reason or another, I find myself stepping

what if everything we know is wrong?

Jun. 17, 2012 by

Last weekend, commissioned to perform the initial work from our developing What if everything we know is wrong? project, Rosa Casado and I stepped into a large clear room in

some things happen, some things don’t

May. 4, 2012 by

At the heart of any event – memorable or otherwise – something concrete is happening. An obvious statement in itself, but still an acknowledgement that has engaged my thoughts a