Category: social distancing

  • day 28 / a good friday

    The centre of this city at midday, at the end of the first month of its lockdown… capital / centre / midday [Gran Via] and capital / centre / midday [Sol], webcam grabs, dimensions variable, Mike Brookes 2020 – from the ongoing small pieces of everything series.

  • the last bus ?

    A new and complete set of the one hundred images resulting from the last bus [of the millennium] (1999) have now been reprocessed and added to the archive. A restoration project that began in the new year, as a couple of things began to bring the work back to mind – not least, I guess, […]

  • day one, of something…

    The storm and sky that rolled in to cover the end of our first day of full lockdown here… As seen from a window that is no doubt going to become an increasingly valued and familiar viewpoint over the coming weeks… sunset / storm / social distance, dimensions variable, Mike Brookes 2020 – from the […]