Category: Carrying Rubén

  • Carrying Rubén [exhibit]

    The traces of the carry and assemblege are now set-up and running within this open and developing public gallery space here at Azkuna Zentroa. In other parts of the gallery are now also an accumulating mountain of the city’s rubbish – already about a tonne of it, diverted into the gallery from its usual route […]

  • Carrying Rubén

    As I write these notes – in the gallery space of the Azkuna Zentroa here in Bilbao – Salut Bueno, Nazario Díaz, Amai Fernández, Axier, Joel and Rubén Mateos Lima are preparing to help each other across the city centre, on foot, and without the aid of Rubén’s wheelchair. We have already made this journey […]

  • reconsidering ‘Carrying Lyn’

    I am currently in Bilbao, preparing Carrying Rubén – a commissioned reconsideration and re-enactment of the multi-site Pearson/Brookes work Carrying Lyn, that Mike Pearson and I conceived and performed in Cardiff back in 2001, as our first multi-site city work… Almost exactly fifteen years later, next Wednesday May 25th, I’ll perform Carrying Rubén – with Rubén […]