Category: piles and holes

  • a little closer still

    Since we first shaped and performed it back in late 2019, as our last major public proposition before the following lockdowns and pandemic years enveloped us, the acts and intentions of this particular thread of our work have only been feeling increasingly close and current for us…  Encouragingly, it has also become increasingly apparent that […]

  • and in the end, no end…

    Tonight we gather for the final public episode and evening of On a clear day you can see for ever here in TNC in Barcelona. After all the work of the last few days, the floor of this space is now covered with seemingly impossible amounts of plastic and rubber, fabric and foam, copper and […]

  • On a clear day you can see for ever

    We have taken up residency in the main studio of Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, for the next couple of weeks, where we have been commissioned to further develop and perform a new version of the five-episode performance work Rosa and I first created and performed in Chile and Madrid – under the initial […]

  • more divine matter

    The current gallery manifestation of our Divine matter project – commissioned by Núria Güell as a guest work within her major retrospective Tot order es vol pur at Fabra i Coats in Barcelona – has been extended to run into the new year… Our explorations of the material pigments and mediums of the painting at […]

  • piles and holes

    As we follow the questions and understandings arising from our recent work – from our explorations of the wider connections and perspectives we might perform, through meetings with the material stuff of the things and places we find ourselves working with – we have increasingly come to recognise the importance that the phrase ‘piles and […]

  • divine matter

    Our new gallery work Divine Matter is now open, as an invited guest work and intervention within Tot order es vol pur – a retrospective of approaches and project works by Núria Güell – at the centre for contemporary arts Fabra i Coats in Barcelona. The painter Pere Llobera, who we are collaborating with for […]

  • a godly tale ?

    We are working on a new gallery project, provoked by an invitation from Spanish artist Núria Güell – who has commissioned us to make a new work, in response to one of her previous projects, as a contribution and intervention into a section of her forthcoming retrospective that she is calling a ‘retrospective in the […]

  • a work in five episodes

    This week we are opening the doors on to The sky was clearer in those days / El cielo era más claro en aquellos días…  The work is the culmination, and first full-scale public manifestation, of ideas and work we have been developing since late last year. And is being presented as the opening project […]

  • somewhere to look out from

    We are stepping into the final phase of our The sky was clearer in those days / El cielo era más claro en aquellos días process in Madrid. And have now taken up pretty permanent residence within the main Nave 11 space of Matadero, which we have stripped out and reconfigured to support us and […]

  • collecting skies

    Beginning to process the many and varied skies – or more precisely, the sky colours – that we collected while in Chile… To find a graphic form for the shifts in perceived sky colour, in relation to levels of airborne dust and other pollutants floating around us, that were always going to be a part […]

  • autopsy #1

    We are ending our research and development work here in Chile with a couple of exploratory public events. The first of which was our first public car autopsy… A day-long event, realised in collaboration with the staff of a local technical college in the port city of Valparaiso. Who, with 350 of their student mechanics, […]

  • walking a world already past

    Our final days in the Atacama, and as far and as high into the mountains and desert here as our bodies would allow, we reached these salt flats. A national park, holding one of the world’s largest and purest active lithium deposits – lithium increasingly in demand, and being extracted, for the batteries required by […]

  • a very big hole in the ground

    The first phase of our work on The sky was clearer in those days… is ongoing, with a two-month period of research and development in Chile – facilitated in collaboration with NAVE in Santiago, and supported by Wales Arts International, British Council and Centro Cultural de España in Chile. And after six extraordinary weeks of […]

  • we are the asteroid

    This new year is beginning with a shift of focus, as we turn our heads to a new large-scale piece of work. We have been commissioned by Naves Matadero in Madrid, in partnership with the Siemens Stiftung Foundation, to create a new work to premiere and open the venue’s 2019-2020 international performance programme this coming […]