speaking of art


Gathering with our colleagues from NIDO here in Madrid, we have now initiated the Hablando de arte (Speaking of Art) audio and radio project, after a year of periodic planning.

Drawing on William Furlong’s transcripts of interviews from the Audio Arts archive – we are inviting a selection of guest professionals, friends, and relations, to help us to re-voice translations of those transcripts in to Spanish, as an ongoing independent series of located audio recordings.

To open the series, we selected Furlong’s short conversation with Michael Craig-Martin in London in 1974 – discussing his piece The Oak Tree from the year before.

The words of Furlong, as will always be the case in these recordings, were kindly spoken by secondary school teacher Íñigo Estévez. And those of Craig-Martin, by social worker Paco Fuentes.

For the purposes of this series, those interviews originally taped within London will be voiced and re-recored at locations within the region of Sierra de Guadarrama. In this particular case, we occupied a relatively quiet shady corner of a community swimming pool in the small town of Collado Villalba…


Images: Mike Brookes