A few short days in Glasgow, catching up with old friends and new – discussing Lifeguard, a new work with Adrian Howells and the National Theatre of Scotland, planned for this coming autumn. A work that hopes to locate itself within a recently derelict public baths in the city, requiring at least a partial restoration of one area of the site.

I have been asked to look at light. And am very happy to do just that. In a site that can only clarify my ideas as I work with it. And stood amongst the familiar functionality of its well used social space, the questions and puzzles raised by the architecture of this intimate place – echoing those running through much of my current work – are also usefully functional and familiar.

How to reveal and animate this place, temporarily rebalancing it for a new purpose, without denying either it or our intervention, and without turning it into somewhere else?

I am looking forward to finding a balance for those questions here, and other places, over the coming months.

pool tiles #1