Tonight sees the final performance of this year’s tour of Entitled  – my eleventh collaboration with old friends and long-term colleagues Quarantine.

“…devised with three technicians (Greg Akehurst, Chris Whitwood and Lisa Mattocks), three dancers (John Killroy, Joanne Fong and Fiona Wright), and a writer (Sonia Hughes), Entitled takes the form of a theatrical ‘get-in’ and a ‘get-out’: the usually hidden choreography of transforming a theatre from an empty space into a stage for a show, and back again…”

This afternoon, while they will all have been making ready for this last night, I have been allowing myself to wander around the various fragments of the work’s process that still cover my desktop – and revisiting some of it’s questions. Which I look forward to exploring further.

Here are just a handful of Simon Banham’s shots from the tour’s opening – in Manchester, back in July:

entitled still #1
entitled still #2
entitled still #3
entitled still #4