visiting absent buildings

Rosa Casado and I are back in Bilbao, a city that we have begun to form a bit of a relationship with over recent years, having been awarded two separate residencies here, and now two public commissions. We will be based here for the next two weeks, as we complete a new located work from our just a little bit of history repeating project.

Here, we are realising the work with four ex-workers from the Euskalduna shipyards – the industrial heart of this city until it was closed in 1984 – and will present it within the open public spaces that now occupies much of the vast Euskalduna site, adjacent to the Guggenheim, on the bank of the river.

Tomorrow this final phase of the work here will begin at site, as we try to meet fragments of the now absent shipyard buildings that were central to the working days of these four individual former employees, simply through their in situ personal descriptions of details and movements within the architecture of those buildings.

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