located or camping?

As Mike Pearson and I simultaneously turn up the heat on our Coriolan/us process with the new year, trading thoughts over distance for little while longer, it seems that we have reached that familiar turning point where we both start re-asking the hard and big questions – but this time in order to really answer them.

It is a turning point that I always enjoy. The chance to challenge my assumptions, sweep away the debris and start to nail some things down. And then we can really start to deal with the accumulating consequences of our decisions.

For me, at this point, the focus of my challenge is on all things ‘site’. Where might these thoughts and questions really happen? And how might they actually behave there? Do they live where we will meet them? Or are we all just passing through?

But today – in those productive little gaps that open up behind and between the things that I am supposed to be solving, where my thoughts often come to understandings that I wasn’t specifically arguing for – I realise that I have been mainly thinking about caravans. Doodling while I should be doing something else. Starting with a little eighties tourer remix…

80's caravan [blue]
80's caravan [green]
80's caravan [brown]
80's caravan [violet]