hangar 858

Today the site for our production of Coriolan/us this coming August has officially been announced – Hangar 858 – a decommissioned WW2 aircraft hanger in St Athan, South Wales. Built in the late 1930’s, and beautifully directly engineered, the vast open space contained and framed below its sweeping single span cast cement ceiling is providing us with both a place to realise this work, and also a context within which we can start to locate it.

On our latest site visit with colleagues from National Theatre Wales we were accompanied by photographer Warren Orchard – and also by Pete Telfer, who will be heading up the team of camera crew working with us live within the heart of this performance, and who took the opportunity to grab some footage for a short video of the visit for Culture Colony.

Here are a few clips pulled from that footage:

Hangar 858, NTW site visit, 01/05/2012 – video courtesy of Pete Telfer and Culture Colony.