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Continuing to follow the proposition and possibilities of the perfect human (and the things we do), across its various manifestations – most recently including our occupation of the striped out studio of HAU 2 in Berlin, and our appropriation of a multi-storey carpark in Bilbao – today we are preparing to travel to Bellinzona in Switzerland, where we have been commissioned to realise a new version. This time wthin two ajoining council chambers of the city hall. As always, we will be meeting and performing with a self-selected group of locals.

It was the summer of 2009 when we first presented this piece, in an emptied romanesque church in the centre of Jesi, Italy. And with the events and places that its periodic gatherings have allowed us to construct since, it has become a quiet yet tangible reference point within the range of our recent work.

Not unusually for us – however consistant in its task and architecture – the perfect human is a work that we reconstuct from scratch each time. Taking nothing with us. The particicants, as well as the furniture and infrastucture that shapes it, all being gathered and located in situ. But as I collect and repack my intentions and memories of it, I thought that I would go back to the beginning and post the first pair of images that surfaced for me from within this project, which I made as we were shaping that first proposal for its realistion…

the perfect human (and the things we do)
the perfect human (and the things we do)

A few images of the perfect human (and the things we do) can be found in the archive [ here ]